Daniel Rajcsanyi

Daniel Rajcsanyi (1992*) fuses sculpture, fashion, intimacy and the body to create performances, photographs, and music. All these different mediums lead to the cosy world of production that is where his audience is taken. Daniel's practice usually comprises the body, either his or of friends and welding these to explore what this means when reconstructing the scene as well as analyzing what bodies mean in different environments, by his own journey of these portrayals Daniel examines the functions that different characters look from a social perspective. "Mocking life as a one-hit-wonder and nothing has any matter. The selfie breaks the rules of self-expression. A mock on the self-expression of these days. I want to defeat. Defeat the vision of the self and break this ideology of beauty. Passing out is my goal of high. An orgasm with every usage.“

2012 - 2015  ESMOD internation fashion school /munich / germany                    graduated FashionDiploma
2013         internship @ izu shop paros
2016         internship @ henrik vibskov /copenhagen
2016         academy of fine arts vienna

2013  exhibition @ yibyab /munich
2014  exhibition @ provisorium/ munich
2015  exhibition @ wagenhallen/ stuttgart
2016  exhibition @ unterdeck/ munich
2016  exhibition @ celeste/ vienna
2016  exhibition @ innsbruck

2017  exhibiting @ academy of fine arts rundgang
2018  exhibiting @ academy of fine arts rundgang
2018  solo exhibition @ format strk vienna
2018 group exhibition veffer / vienna

2018 whitchcraft performance with nils amadeus lange @ school
2019 exhibiting @ academy of fine art rundgang

2019 "wohngespräche" @standard

2019 777 performance at belveder21

2019 solo exhibition "time to say goodbye" @ galerie kunstbüro vienna

2021  solo exhibition "distant memories" @ Waf Galerie Vienna

2021  "Feldversuche" Art Residency on countryside next to Vienna including Performance

           "Ti Amo" with Valentino Skarwan

2021  "Ich bete um Feuer" with Nora Aaron Scherer at Studio Bitterer Ernst

2022 Performance and Screening of "Faces Of Jupiter" with Nora Aaron Scherer @

          Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna

2023 Performance @ Porn Film Festival Warsaw "heaven is a place on earth"

with NOra Aaron Scherer and Pia Wurzer

2023 Release of "sweetheart" @ live at robert johnson

2023 screening of "faces of jupiter" at Belveder21 curated by waf gallery


Wohngespräche for Standard Vienna

Interview with PW Mag

Publication in Sensitive content mag