time to say goodbye

"time to say goodbye"

solo show at kunstbuero Vienna

october 2019

curated by Lisa Jaeger

Daniel Rajcsanyi intertwines sculpture, fashion design, DJ‘ing, performance, social media and private life to a vibrant composition of expression. In kunstbuero his new works where recently on display summarized under the title „time to say goodbye“. The show was curated by the vienna based artist Lisa Jäger.

Dyed fabric streched on a frame covered with purple leather. One pink object is hovering in the middle of the room. A fidget spinner tucked onto the cap of a brown glass bottle bulges out of the canvas and is highlighted by flashy LED lights. The bottle, well known in the club scene to contain the notorious drug “ghb“, reminds of a modern cruzifix. On the backside, a heart shaped bag is sewn onto the canvas, which beholds a fresh flower bouquet and opens up the association of the drug attending its own funeral.

The exhibition “time to say goodbye“ is based on the personal experience of Daniel Rajcsayi abusing “ghb“ to an almost lethal extend.

“I get loose, wet and fluid. I can be used. That‘s the aim. Trapped in dreams of cum and hedonism. Getting more and more until I reach the point of leaving by flying. It‘s an escape from talking and nonsense, fixation on the pure level of feeling, of getting pumped full of life. Mocking life as a one hit wonder and nothing has any matter. The selfie breaks rules of self expression. A mock on the selfexpression of these days. I want to defeat. Defeat the Vision of the self and break this ideology of beauty. Passing out is my goal of high. An orgasm with every usage.“

The second exhibition room presents a similar colour sceme. A purple frame leans diagonal in space against a glossy wooden stick. The handmade frame is covered with fabric and ropes in a laborious manner, a shrine or altar depicting prints and photographs of flowers. Where the wooden branch touches the floor, this tiny brown bottle shows itself. The Installation is placed on an elaborately fabricated rug. The Rug displays a flamboyant heart and the stiching of the contradictory word “Fotze“. The view opens up to a selfie on the wall, which was made on this very carpet using a selfiestick plugged into the ass of the artist. The so called „Fotzenfalle“ appears like an ancient trap, approaching the rug could turn out as dangerous in several ways. The prediction of the first room seems to have turned into reality. Display could turn into lived experience of extatic exhaustion. „time to say